Saints Row IV [PC]


When Saints Row the Third hit the shelves, no longer was the game revolving around a generally well written story but instead focused on the radical and outrageous antics of the Third Street Saints. The game opened with you robbing a bank with a TV star, then lead to a …

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2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monstrous Manual Reprint Review

I grew up tossing dice, and Dungeons & Dragons just became my go-to game when I wanted to play something. As an old school player, it was interesting to see how the game changed over the years. The worlds, the lore, the characters, and the creature — ah the creature …

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Drunken Thoughts – Open Your Ears

A certain co-host of mine got me the collector’s edition of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (now that’s a name to make Shin Megami Tensei games jealous). Like its predescessor, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, it’s a rhythm game with a soundtrack consisting entirely of music from various Final Fantasy games. For …

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This Week’s Game: Battleblock Theater


Ever watch MXC, weird Japanese show that was dubbed over horrible (on purpose) where contestants had to run through (not so) dangerous gauntlets in hopes to score points for their team? Well, here’s a game version of it with more deaths and less Guy LeDouche. Battleblock Theater is a 2D platforming game …

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This Week’s Game: 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation


That’s one hell of a title eh? It makes some kinda sense, don’t worry. Note that this post is going to reference shows you might not have heard of, just a heads up. Super Robot Wars, also known as Super Robot Taisen, is one of the longest running series that you …

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PAX East Cosplay Pictures

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Now, do forgive me. I, one, did not take a lot of pictures, and two, should have spent more time learning my camera, but I’m decently happy with the few good pictures I took. Next year, though, I plan on spending a lot more time taking pictures. Hell, I may …

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