About Us

We’re still working on this, but progress!.

Right now there are only two: the original two, the OGs, the founders, the…ok you get it.


The year was 1989 (why does that look so bad when I type that out…), and my dad had just brought home the brand new Nintendo Entertainment System bundle which included the Zapper and Power Pad, and that’s where it all started. I started at 3 years old watching my dad play Super Mario Bros. and running away from the TV when he got to King Koopa (that’s what he was called then ok?!). Then I started playing and getting further than him, and my passion for games was born.

Along the way I picked up RPGs thanks to my friends at school, then music and rhythm games from my friends in college, making my resume of gaming pretty varied. I’ve played things from the popular to the obscure, the celebrated to the hated.

So now I play these games on stream once a week with a drink in hand, since I’m a fan of rum and coke. While┬áNOT streaming, you can find me playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with my co-host, or looking for new rants to write up for the site or stream.


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