Drunken Thoughts – Making it to the Top

Some people question as to why we do all of this: the site, the show, the videos (or the ones I’m editing). Someone even said, “It doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll never make it to the top”.

That’s fine by me.

I have my own personal channel that has 2k+ subscribers and more than 2 million views, specifically thanks to my Saints Row 4 Dubstep Gun video. I took my own personal time to play and record games, though sometimes I was extremely lucky to be in the position to get a game early and do a little preview for everyone (see aforementioned video). Did I ever think my video would be so popular? Far from it. I’m just one of millions of users on the site but you search “Saints Row 4 Dubstep Gun” and boom, I’m number one. Despite not having updated my channel in ages, I’m still getting comments and messages and subscribers.

But now I have Two Drink Minimum, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I have an amazing person to do it with. I want to put out videos and let’s plays and just silly things on the channel for people to enjoy. Some may, some may not. No one could ever watch a single video of mine, or even spam me with comments (wouldn’t be the first time), and I’d be fine with that. Why? Because I’m doing what I want. TDM is a project that, yes, I would like to make into something big, something I can stand by proudly (even more so than I do now) and say, “Yup, that’s our channel. Pretty cool, huh?”, or even have someone recognize me. I’ll admit that my ego would inflate just a hair if someone at PAX or somewhere similar shouted, “Gaming Mistress!” with a smile and a wave.

It would be nice but I’m won’t hold my breath.

Maybe we’ll get a hundred dedicated subscribers or even a thousand, or just ten. It’s cool because I’m doing what I love: playing games, drinking, and possibly making someone laugh.

Maybe it’ll be you.

– Gaming Mistress

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