Drunken Thoughts – The Race to the End

Blizzard has ruined MMOs for the majority of the players out there, especially the endgame experience. There, I said it.

I’m not discounting the good they’ve brought to the table or the fact that World of Warcraft is still able to rake in some serious cash despite it being that wounded gazelle that somehow hasn’t be devoured. I’m saying that WoW poisoned MMOs with one thing: achievements, specifically server/world firsts.

Now, not saying being first isn’t a bad thing, it encourages competition, but not the healthy kind you teach kids. No, this kind of competition leads to people actually taking days off of work to play the game for 37 hours straight with spreadsheets and diagrams to figure out exactly the best way to level so they can be first – no, to have a chance at being first. Guilds would play on the PTR (Public Test Realm) for weeks in order to learn the new raids coming out so they could rush through it once the fights went live to have a chance at being first. This is not a healthy practice for anything!

So how does this lead to my point? Many online players’ first MMO was World of Warcraft but have lost that love, unable to keep playing after all these years. They go off and find a new MMO to play, to fill that void, but those horrible habits linger. They rush through the content, clearing the endgame and then sit there wondering why there’s no content left. Wake the hell up Scooter, you just burnt through everything this brand new MMO has within the span of two weeks. And I don’t mean you took your time, did all the little side quests and extra stuff. No, you sat down every waking moment you could and tore through the main story, which I bet you can’t even tell me what is actually going on because you skipped all the cutscenes and dialogue, then had the balls to get pissy because there’s “nothing left to do”? Whose fault is that? You knew this was a new MMO yet you treated it just like you did World of Warcraft, and what do you have to show for it? No “first” achievement, all of your friends are still leveling and taking their time to enjoy the game, and now you’ve got to find something to do while you wait for them to “catch up”. After a couple of weeks, you “take a break” because you’re “burnt out” because, once again, you burnt through whatever was left after the main story was finished.

Maybe some people like rushing through games and that’s their enjoyment, it’s not my cup of tea. I like to take my time, see everything at my own pace, and if I want to grind out 50 levels in a week, then so be it, that’s on me, but you can’t sit down with a brand new MMO, burn through everything it has to offer within a ridiculously short amount of time, then claim that there’s no content. No, there is, you chose to race to the end. Instead of having that one slice of cake, you ate the whole thing fatty, and now you’re crying that there’s none left. Don’t sit there and point fingers at the developer, accusing them of not giving enough. Maybe if you learned control, you wouldn’t be trying to find a reason to blame everyone but yourself.

-Gaming Mistress

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