This Week’s Game: Battleblock Theater

Ever watch MXC, weird Japanese show that was dubbed over horrible (on purpose) where contestants had to run through (not so) dangerous gauntlets in hopes to score points for their team? Well, here’s a game version of it with more deaths and less Guy LeDouche.

Battleblock Theater is a 2D platforming game coming from The Behemoth, who are also known for two other big hits: Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Having first hit Xbox Live Arcade a little more than a year ago, it recently has appeared on Steam (much to our delight)! It’s part co-op, part competitive, and all fun, especially since we’ll be mixing alcohol into all this.

I was lucky enough, back in 2012, to play Battleblock Theater at PAX Prime with the producer from the company while it was still (technically) in beta. As he explained the game, we played through the levels that were available, exploring the different mechanicals and tricks to it, and we quickly learned that the other was just as devious as ourselves. There are parts where, yes, you HAVE to work together, but how you work together may vary. Enemy on the platform that you have to jump to but you know it’ll kill you the second you get there? Throw your friend! Yes, bodily harm is the name of the game most of the time, but it’s so much fun!

So grab a drink and we’ll see you guys tomorrow night!

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