This Week’s Game: 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation

That’s one hell of a title eh? It makes some kinda sense, don’t worry. Note that this post is going to reference shows you might not have heard of, just a heads up.

Super Robot Wars, also known as Super Robot Taisen, is one of the longest running series that you don’t know about. Even with the strong following here in the US, the fact that the majority of its games never saw release outside of Japan put a damper on the amount of exposure it got.

It’s a turn-based strategy RPG series similar to Fire Emblem only instead of warriors and wizards you have original and licensed robots. Probably the biggest reason Super Robot Wars never left Japan is due to its use of these licensed robots, ranging from well-known series like Gundam and Evangelion to the much more obscure like Trider G7 and Zeorymer. Most of the games had an original plot that mixed with the plots of the anime series contained within them to form the overall story, leading to situations where you have Gundams fighting against villains from Code Geass for example.

Back in the Game Boy Advance days the developers of the series, Banpresto, took a bunch of the original characters and their stories and mixed them into a standalone game containing no licensed characters at all, making the first Super Robot Wars Original Generation game. Since there were no licensed characters to cause any sort of copyright issues, Banpresto was able to release that game and its eventual sequel in the US, making them the only two ever to be officially translated and released here. The two games were combined and remade for the PS2, but since Sony required an English language option on any fully voiced games it never came out over here. Not really sure why it was a problem getting the game voiced in English, but that’s another talk for another day.

The point of all that is there was another Original Generations game for PS2, and after many delays there was finally this week’s game, 2nd SRW OG for the PS3. It’s 100% in Japanese and no, I won’t really know what’s going on in the game, so don’t expect any decent translations on my part.

The OG stories usually involve aliens and the protagonists joining together with their super and real robot buddies to fight back against the invaders, moving back and forth between terrestrial and outer space environments.

If you like robots beating up aliens or other robots in over the top battle animations or even just turn-based strategy RPGs, you should come watch this Thursday and see all the good stuff just an import away.

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